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Increase your laboratory throughput, save money and man power!
EcoCyte Bioscience facilitates your work with heterologous expression systems.

We accomplish
  • delivery of freshly prepared oocytes from Xenopus laevis
  • injection of Xenopus oocytes with cDNA or mRNA
  • transfection of cell lines
  • automated TEVC recording of Xenopus oocytes
  • patch clamp recordings from transfected cells

New Benefit from Ecocyte new lab media service.

Save time, work, and space for your daily routine by using our Standard and Customized Lab Media (concentrate or ready-to-use media)

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Upcoming Events

        Biophysics 2018  |  Booth #429
        Dates: Feb 17-21, 2018
        Location: San Francisco, California

Older Events

        Neuroscience 2017  |  Booth #2125
        Dates: Nov 11-15, 2017
        Location: Washington, DC
        Biophysics 2017  |  Booth #630
        Dates: Feb 11-15, 2017
        Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

        Neuroscience 2016  |  Booth #2633
        Dates: Nov 12-16, 2016
        Location: San Diego


Ecocyte Recruit Colleagues Program
Are you satisfied with our services? Then, recommend us to your colleagues and get a reward from our Ecocyte Recruit Colleagues Program in case of a new contract.
Choose between a credit for your next purchase, a present or an Amazon gift card depending on the purchase amount of your colleagues. For more informations please contact us

Synchroslice - Multiple Slice Evaluation System

Increase your electrophysiological research with our tissue slice workstation.
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